Barflies and Cocktails

For Kunstverein Amsterdam’s biannual exhibition Salon Hang
13 September – 2 November, 2019

Silkscreen bar towel revisiting Harry and Wynn’s 1927 book “Barflies and Cocktails”.


List of drinks: Absinthe Cocktail. Absinthe Frappé. Adonis Cocktail. Alaska Cocktail. Alexander Cocktail. Alfonso Cocktail. American Beauty. Angel’s Kiss. A. O. F. B. Cocktail. Apple Jack Cocktail. Artists’ Special. Astoria Cocktail. Attack Cocktail. Bacardi Cocktail. Bamboo Cocktail. Bijou Cocktail. Black Bottom Cocktail. Blackthorn Cocktail. Blanche Cocktail. Block and Fall Cocktail. Bloodhound Cocktail. Bosom Caresser. Brandy Cocktail. Brandy Crustas. Brandy Daisy. Brandy Fix. Brandy Flip. Brandy Highball. Brandy Julep. Brandy Punch. Brandy Shamparelle. Brandy Smash. Brandy Sour. Brazil Cocktail. Broken Spur Cocktail. Bromo Seltzer. Bronx Cocktail. Bronx Terrace Cocktail. Brooklyn Cocktail. Brut Cocktail. Bull-Dog. Bunny’s Hug. Byrrh Cocktail. Café de Paris Cocktail. Cameron’s Kick Cocktail. Canadian Cocktail. Carrol Cocktail. Casino Cocktail. Cecil Pick-me-up. C. F. H. Cocktail. Champagne Cocktail. Champagne Cup. Champagne Julep. Champagne Pick-me-Up. Chatou Cocktail. Chinese Cocktail. Chocolate Cocktail. Chorus Lady Cocktail. Cider Cup. Cinzano Cocktail. Cinzano Champagne Cocktail. Clarnet Lemonade. Claridge Cocktail. Clover Club Cocktail. Clover Leaf Cocktail. Club Cocktail. Coffee Cocktail. Colonial Cocktail. Commodore Cocktail. Cooperstown Cocktail. Coronation Cocktail. Country Club Cooler. Cream Fizz. Cuban Cocktail. Dacqueri Cocktail. Dempsey Cocktail. Derby Cocktail. Desert Healer. Diabola Cocktail. Diki-Diki Cocktail. Doctor Cocktail. Douglas Cocktail. Dream Cocktail. Du Barry Cocktail.  Dubonnet Cocktail. Dubonnet Fizz. Dunlop Cocktail. Eagle’s Dream Cocktail. East India Cocktail. Egg Flip. Egg Lemonade. Egg Nogg. Egg Nogg (Hot). Elk’s Own Cocktail. Empire Punch. E. Nos Cocktail. Eton Blazer. Eye-opener Cocktail. Fairbank Cocktail. Fantasio Cocktail. Fascinator Cocktail. Fernet Branca Cocktail. Fish House Punch. Flu Cocktail. Fourth Degree Cocktail. Fox River Cocktail. Futurity Cocktail. Gangadine Cocktail. Gazette Cocktail. Gilroy Cocktail. Gimlet. Gin Cocktail. Gin Daisy. Gin Fix. Gin Fizz. Gin Flip. Gin Highball. Gin Julep. Gin Rickey. Gin Sling. Gin Smash. Gloom Chaser Cocktail. Gloom Raiser. Golden Fizz. Golden Slipper. Greenbriar Cocktail. Green Room Cocktail. Grenadier Cocktail. Guard’s Cocktail. Hakam-Hiccup Cocktail. Harry’s Cocktail. Harry’s Pick-me-up. Harvard Cocktail. Hasty Cocktail. Hoffman House Cocktail. Homestead Cocktail. Hula-Hula Cocktail. Horse’s Neck. Hot Egg Nogg. Hot Grog. I. B. F. Pick-Me-Up. Inca Cocktail. Ink Street Cocktail. Irish Cocktail. Jack Rose Cocktail. Japanese Cocktail. Jersey Cocktail. Jockey Club Cocktail. John Collins. J. O. S. Cocktail. Journalist Cocktail. Jupiter Cocktail. Knickerbocker Cocktail. Knock-out Cocktail. Lasky Cocktail. Lawhill Cocktail. Leave-it-to-me Cocktail. Legion Cocktail. Lemon Squash. Leroi Cocktail. “L. G.” Cocktail. Little Devil Cocktail. Locomotive. Lone Tree Cocktail. Magnolia. Mah Jongg Cocktail. Maiden’s Blush Cocktail. Mamay Taylor. Manhattan Cocktail. Martini Cocktail. Martini (Medium). Martini (Sweet). May Blossom Fizz. Mayfair Cocktail. Milk Punch. Milk Shake. Millionaire Cocktail. Mint Cocktail. Mint Julep. Mississippi Mule Cocktail. Modern Cocktail. Mola Sitberg. Monkey Gland Cocktail. Montana Cocktail. Morning Cocktail. Morning Glory Fizz. Mountain Cocktail. New Orleans Gin Fizz. Night-Cap. Nineteen-Twenty Pick-me-up. Old-Fashioned Whisky Cocktail. Olivette Cocktail. Olympic Cocktail. Opera Cocktail. Orangeade. Orange Blossom. Orange Squash. Orgreat Lemonade. Orgeat Punch. Ostende Fizz. Pall Mall Cocktail. Pansy Blossom. Paradise Cocktail. Parisian Cocktail. Pegu Club Cocktail. Perfect Cocktail. Peto Cocktail. Ping-Pong Cocktail. Prairie Oyster Cocktail. Prestoman Cocktail. Princess Mary Cocktail. Princeton Cocktail. Prudence Cocktail. Pousse Café. Pousse Café No. 1. Pousse Café No. 2. Pousse L’Amour. Pink Lady  Cocktail. Pink Rose Cocktail. Planter’s Cocktail. Plaza Cocktail. Polo Cocktail. Porto Flip. Port Wine Cocktail. Port Wine Cobbler. Pussyfoot Cocktail. Quaker’s Cocktail. Quarter-Deck Cocktail. Quartier Latin Cocktail. Queen’s Cocktail. Quelle Vie Cocktail. Ulysses Cocktail. Reform Cocktail. Remsen Cooler. Robber Cocktail. Rock and Rye. Rose Cocktail. Royal Cocktail. Royal Fizz. Royal Smile. Ruby Fizz. Rum Crustas. Rum Daisy. Rum Flip. Rum Julep. Rum Smash. Rum Sour. Russ House Cocktail. Saratoga Cocktail. Scoff-law Cocktail. Scotch Highball. “75” Cocktail. “S. G.” Cocktail. Shandy Gaff. Sherry Cobbler. Sherry Cocktail. Sherry Flip. Side-Car Cocktail. Silver Cocktail. Silver Streak Cocktail. Sir Charles Punch. Sir Walter Cocktail. Sloeberry Cocktail. Snowball Cocktail. Soda Cocktail. Some Moth Cocktail. So So Cocktail. Soul Kiss. Southern Beauty. South Side. Soyer au Champagne. Spoirit of St. Louis Cocktail. Stanley Cocktail. Star Cocktail. Stinger. St. Mare Cocktail. Stone Fence. Sunshine Cocktail. Swissess. Tanglefoot Cocktail. Tango Cocktail. Tantalus Cocktail. Texas Fizz. Third Degree Cocktail. Three Mile Limit Cocktail. Thunder Cocktail. Tipperary Cocktail. Tom and Jerry (Hot). Tom and Jerry (Cold). Tom Collins. Trillby Cocktail. Trinity Cocktail. Tropical Cocktail. Turf Cocktail. Tuxedo Cocktail. Twelve-Mile Cocktail. (Various continental beverages) Anis Del Oso and Grenadine. Byrrh-Cassis. Chambéry Fraisette. Champagne des Pauvres. Cinzano and Curaçao. Dubonnet Citron. Kirsch and Cassis. Kirsch and Grenadine. Picon-Cointreau.Picon Grenadine. Vermouth Cassis. Vermouth Curaçao. Vermouth Cocktail. Vie en Rose Cocktail. Virgin Cocktail. Valencia Cocktail. Volstead Cocktail. Waldorf Cocktail. Warday’s Cocktail. Warden Cocktail. Washington Cocktail. Wax Cocktail. Wedding Bells Cocktail. Welcome Stranger Cocktail. Wembley Cocktail. West Indian Cocktail. Whisky Cocktail. Whisky Crustas. Whisky Daisy. Whisky Flip. Whisky Julep. Whisky Sour. Whisky Smash. White Lady Cocktail. Woon Fizz. Zazarac Cocktail. Xanthia Cocktail. Xeres Cocktail. Yale Cocktail. Yokohama Cocktail. Za Za Cocktail.