Exhibition “Signals from the Periphery”

Tallinn Art Hall
July 1 – August 13, 2017
Curated by Elisabeth Klement & Laura Pappa
Exhibition identity by Jan Tomson & Indrek Sirkel and EK & LP
Spacial design by Kaisa Sööt & Koit Randmäe, Maria Muuk & Ott Kagovere, Fanfare, Ott Metusala and EK & LP
Photos by Karel Koplimets (Tallinn Art Hall) and EK & LP

The exhibition “Signals from the Periphery” took place at Tallinn Art Hall between July 1 and August 13 and included an extensive public programme of talks, performances, film screenings, book launches and more. The exhibition, divided into five chapters: Objects & products, Typography, Tools, Publishing, Music and Spaces, events & projects, focused on casting light on a diverse range of graphic design practices.


The project at large brought together urgent developments in graphic design with a focus on works that surpass traditional forms and media of graphic design. Such practices are often collaborative, involving forms and ideas from other cultural fields such as art, architecture, product design, literature, publishing, performance, music and theatre. As a result of these collaborations, new hybrid forms emerge that might also provide alternative sources of income for designers.


Participating designers, artists and collectives:
019 (BE), A School For Design Fiction (UK), Åbäke (UK), Timur Akhmetov (NL/RU), Apparition of the Ampersand (NL), Bart de Baets (NL), David Bennewith (NL/NZ), Emilia Bergmark (SE), Bold Decisions (NL), Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite (DE), The Book Society (KR), Kevin Bray (NL/FR), Bulletins of The Serving Library (UK/US), Colophon.info (NL), Jef Cuypers (BE), Dark & Stormy (NL), De Stihl (FR), Dent-de-Leone (UK), Dexter Sinister (US/UK), Dinamo (CH/DE), Jaan Evart (EE/NL), Experimental Jetset (NL), Émilie Ferrat (FR), Evening Class (UK), fanfare (NL), Fatype (DE/EE), Four Corners Books (UK), Luca Frei (SE/CH), Paul Gangloff (NL/FR), Corinne Gisel (CH), Rudy Guedj (NL/FR), Hackers & Designers (NL), Will Holder (UK), JOHANN 3000 (EE), Studio Puckey (NL), Jung-Lee Type Foundry (NL), Carl-Robert Kagge (EE), Sandra Kassenaar (NL), Kirjatehnika (EE), Mathew Kneebone (US/AU), Knock! Knock! Books (EE), Christoph Knoth (DE), Know-How / Show-How (BG), KULENTURATO (NL), James Langdon (UK), The Last Books (NL), Studio Laurenz Brunner (CH), Lotte Schröder (NL), Lugemik (EE), M–L–XL (IT), Studio Manuel Raeder (DE), Karel Martens (NL), Maximage (CH), Janna Meeus & Hilde Meeus (NL), Niklaus Mettler (NL/CH), Moniker (NL), Ott Metusala (NL/EE), Niko Mihaljević (CR), Multistab (EE), Niessen & de Vries (NL), Daniel K Y Norregaard (UK/DK), Officin (DK), Onomatopee (NL), OPS Type (NL), Norman Orro (EE), Or Type (IS), Nina Paim (BR/CH), Paul Haworth & Sam de Groot (NL/UK), Brit Pavelson (EE), Radim Peško (UK/CZ), Ronald Pihlapson (EE), Will Pollard (NL/NZ), Gaile Pranckunaite (LT), Josse Pyl (NL/BE), REDO (XK), Sophie Rogg (NL/CH), Rollo Press (CH), Roma Publications (NL), RP Digital Type Foundry (UK), Felix Salut (NL/CH), San Serriffe (NL), Johannes Schwartz (NL), Daniel Seemayer (NL/DE), Seventeen Playgrounds (NL), Smoke & Dust (BE), split/fountain (NZ), Aimur Takk (EE), Talk Magazine (US), The Taste of The Brain (CH), Jan Tomson (NL/EE), True True True (NL), Lex Trueb (CH), Uus Materjal (EE), The Ventriloquist Summerschool (NO), Boy Vereecken (BE), Werker Magazine (NL), Werkplaats Typografie (NL)