Portable Bookshop Asterisk

Portable Bookshop Asterisk was an event-based bookshop in Tallinn, Estonia. The intention behind the event was to offer a platform for designers and artists to publish their original content and have a direct connection with their audience as well potential buyers. The portable bookshop brought together students, amateurs, young professionals, educators, independent publishers, as well as a general audience interested in the phenomenon and content that was being provided.

The bookshop was a nomadic one, finding a new venue in the city each time. The bookshop travelled around in different cultural spaces in Tallinn, as well as multiple trips to abroad to visit book fairs. Some of the locations of the shop included East project space, Kinomaja, März project space, cinema Helios, Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM), Zürcher Zine Secession, Motto Book Fair and Survival Kit festival in Riga.


Portable Bookshop Asterisk was set up by Elisabeth Klement and Laura Pappa in 2009. The last event took place in 2011.