Asterisk Summer School 2015

28.07–06.08 (10 days)
Suva factory, Tallinn
Tutors: Sam de Groot & Paul Haworth, Karel Martens & Jungmyung Lee, Will Holder & Isla Leaver-Yap, Jan Tomson & Hannes Praks

The third edition of the summer school took place at the Suva sock factory. The school’s programme departed from different disciplines that have an overlap with the field of graphic design, looking into the potential of collaboration and influence. This edition welcomed duos Karel Martens (NL) & Jungmyung Lee (KR/NL), Sam de Groot (NL) & Paul Haworth (UK), Will Holder (UK) & Isla Leaver-Yap (UK), Jan Tomson (EE) & Hannes Praks (EE). The collaborative work took many forms, including video-making, collective writing and performing and building a sauna on rails.


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