Asterisk Summer School 2016

26.07–04.08 (10 days)
Port Noblessner, Tallinn
Tutors: Nils Norman & Margarita del Carmen & Kristian Byskov,
Gaile Pranckūnaitė & Mathew Kneebone, Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey & James Langdon, Brit Pavelson & Kaisa Sööt

The 2016 edition of Asterisk Summer School took place in the summery setting of Port Noblessner. It brought together a variety of different practices, approaches and themes – a potpourri of backgrounds and disciplines such as Nils Norman (UK/DK) & Margarita del Carmen (DK) & Kristian Byskov (DK), Gaile Pranckunaite (LT) & Mathew Kneebone (AU/NL), Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey (UK) & James Langdon (UK), Brit Pavelson (EE) & Kaisa Sööt (EE). The activities included street performances, mapping the city, reconstructing Soviet furniture and music performances based on folklore, just to name a few. Next to the workshops, a number of other events took place, such as the traditional Estonian dance session with Paul Bobkov, a boat trip to Naissaare and lectures by all the participating tutors.


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