Dream Big

or Exercises in Collectivity: Skills, strengths & roles
Project with the 1st year MA students at EKAGDMA


I’ve always considered the potential of the people around you as the most valuable part of education. How to learn together and also from each other? How to make use of all the talent around you, while also giving something in return? What’s the fruit of all the endless conversations held in corridors, the classroom, at the lunch table or over a beer at the bar? I also imagine the art school as a place where one can execute their wildest dreams without the fear of failure looming over them. It’s a place to experiment and test out ideas, succeed and fail at the same time, fall and try again.


With this assignment I’d like to unleash the potential of the body of people around you and tap into all our hidden talents, skills and strengths and put them into to use in order to bring to life one of those dreams from each of you. In the course of the class we’ll discuss and map all our individual skillsets and hidden gifts which can be activated by any one in the group.



Participants: Alexandra Margetic, Mark Foss, Carlo Canún Uribe, Michael Fowler, Oliver Long, Rita Davis Ribeiro Valle Cavalcanti, Gréta Þorkelsdóttir, Miriam Humm, Patrick Erik Zavadskis


Projects that grew out of the assignment:

– Softness Club by Gréta, exploring the potential of a soft and safe space to work out and let go

– Resources and References by Miriam, exploring our collective body of interests and a means to share those

– Human Clock by Mark, exploring how the notion of time relates to bodies in space and vice versa

– Hornsey Revolution 68 (A performed Sit-in) by Oliver, revisiting an historical educational uprising and considering how that could apply to the modern day

– Music could be called the science or art of ordering tones by Patrick, experimenting with how to bring people together through music

– Teach a Goldfish How to Play the Clarinet by Carlo, exploring how we can create our own realities 

– The Ignorant Schoolmaster by Alexandra, experimenting with different group learning tools through our interactions with the public space

– Mutant Heirloom by Michael, exploring how to unleash our true identities

– Sushi You Soon by Rita, exploring our team work skills through a culinary odyssey