Project with the 1st year MA students at EKAGDMA
Nine individual events presented at different locations

Come up with an idea for an event. Think of what could be relevant for you (and/or your practice) at this very moment.  Consider different types of events and consider how you can make a format your own. How can a format become a work on its own?


I’ve always imagined events as (well-)constructed theatre pieces of sorts where all the different elements are in the hands of the director. Today you’re the director and the rules are yours to make. The piece begins when the audience member enters through the door. You tell your visitors how to enter the space, how to move around, how loud or quiet to talk, or not talk at all. Next to the director you’re also the graphic designer, the spacial designer, the sound designer… you name it. There are your tools. But next to the director you’re also the ticket collector, janitor, dishwasher, bookkeeper, announcer, the sound and lighting… the person who opens and closes the door.


Participants: Paula Buškevica, Louise Borinski, Alejandro Bellón Ample, Björn Giesecke, Katarina Sarap, Diandra Rebase, Otso Aapeli Peräsaari, Aleksandrs Ludvigs Breže and Moritz Appich