In the Future…

Project with the 2nd year students of KABK
Exhibition and fair held at the Gray Space in the Middle in Den Haag

In the course of the assignment the students were invited to ponder over what the future of work (especially for graphic designers) could look like. This was explored through writing, conceptualising potential future companies, services and organisations and designing identities for these undertakings.


“In the Future…” presented 42 individual proposals for companies, organisations and groups that could exist in the year 2083. All these entities were represented by a booth in a fair-like setting with both printed and digital matter as well as objects and memorabilia of various kinds to materialise the ideas.


Booths: Social Habits, Open Source Ombudsman, Ire Adlantis, AAAA (Anti-Ad Ad Agency), evita, Sixth Park, ID CHANGE, Janus, ECPC, Brain More, RotoOS, NutriCorp, UNWS, ¿, Doomsday Pilots Of Technology, Worlds, Maria, UXO, Lucid Mortal, Bio Force Alliance, OUT OF BOUNDS, Heavenly Bliss, Métém, COMM bureau, Endless Possibility, normal, reco, KRONOCOIN, Raugen, PERSONIUM, New Shambhalla Island, Human Haptic Enhancement 3d technology, Your Way Program, ECTO, Work Force, Corpo, S.O.S., Hawa, Cai Lun, neola, PlanesWalk, Kardashev’s


Participants: Ocean Albin, Fabiola van den Berg, Matas Buckus, Radek Górniak, Kexin Hao, Katrin Heinlein, Veronica Hoefnagels, Dahsuel Jung, Aurora Navarro Villacampa, Sonia Nikolaeva, Soyun Park, Karoliina Pärnänen, Matteo Pellegrini, Kilia Robustella, Olga Schou, Aliz Soos, Kristiāna Sproģe, Jacky Tang, Iana Abrasheva, Sacha van Alfen, Ivi Apostolatos, Emma Benozzi, Ralph Bruens, Daniela Damaschin, Malik Saib Mezghiche, Chloé Thiebaut, Agata Brudlo, Thora Thøgersen, Eva Horvath, Hyunji Kim, Linea Lan Cai Fabricius, Eunji Lee, Merel Meijer, Adriana Navarro Villacampa, Tereza Nováková, Jonas Paberzis, Ada Popowicz, Anke Rumohr, Ian Scheufler, Sjors Rigters, Mika Schalks, Katla Taylor