Tools for Expression

Project with the 2nd year students of KABK
Exhibition held at Quartair and Page Not Found in Den Haag

Public space is filled with messages of all kinds written and performed by the individuals that inhabit it. As a result of these instances of self-expression, different forms of written and oral language have been born that have gone unaccounted for in the history of communication.


As part of the assignment, the students worked collectively to compile the most subjective compendium of analog communication tools to date (3-seconds talk, Pharma-Fortune Tree, border blaster radio or quipu, just to name a few). This resulted in a series of over 40 individual books, as well as brand new tools the students came up with themselves.


Participants: Eunjin An, Emily Anderson, Sophia Attigui, Laura Brouwer, Agata Brudlo, Rafael Colmanetti Correa, Gina Crighton, Yessica Deira, Insa Deist, Zahari Dimitrov, Edward Dzulaj, Louana Gentner, Isabella Giacomelli, Trang Hà, Poppy Hollis, Linda van Houtum, Michelle Janssen, Tor Johannesen, Berglind Jóhannsdóttir, Pepijn de Jonge, Ned Kamburov, Brechje Krah, Selina Landis, Clara Lezla, Martin Menso, Maarten Meij, Anna Moschioni, Laura Pappa, Matteo Pellegrini, Nicoletta Radice, Vincent  Rheinberger, Malik Saïb-Mezghiche, Nicolai Schmelling, Ranjani Shantanu Tavargeri, Tilius Sodeika, Chloé Thiebaut Brayer, Josie Tollaksen, Anastasia Umpeleva, Amanda Verberne, Ruben Visser, Lieke de Wit, Seojeong Youn, Wen Hsuan Yu, Mahtab Zamanifar