Publication series “Exercises in Practical Mischievery” documents the ventures and chronicles the stories of notable individuals who have implemented out of the ordinary forms for the distribution of word and thought, without putting much emphasis on the content of the message (though luckily the two often go hand in hand). The collection serves as an archive for freely accessible tools that facilitate the dissemination of thought. So far six titles have seen the light of day in the series.


#6 “Victoria and Alferd Museum” by Charlotte York presents new acquisitions to the museum’s collection.
#5 “Encyclopedia of Creatures, People, Places, Events, Tools and Publications” by Carlo Canún collects odd entries from dictionaries, newspapers, atlases, maps, directories and documentaries.
#4 “Whatever It Takes (Going Out of One’s Way)” explores ways in which people perform in the public.
#3 “What Ever Happened to Fritz Rainer” retells the story behind religious leader Fritz Rainer and his very special form of preaching.
#2 “I Vote For Yetta Bronstein” carryies an interview with prankster Alan Abel.
#1 “Yours Truly, Edna Welthorpe” reproduces the letters Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell crafted under the pseudonym Edna Welthorpe.


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